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About Products

User can view realtime location of your vehicles, via Google & My India map nationwide.
We provide authenticated userid & password to view vehicle location on map.
User can track more than one vehicle at a time on a single map.
These reports can be generated online of last 3 months in different formats like- MS excel, PDF, XML, CSV etc.

The user can generate range of MIS reports that are as follow –

  1. Summary report
  2. Over speed Report
  3. Journey Chart
  4. Parking Report
  5. Detailed Journey Report
  6. Idle Time Report
  7. Trip Report

Our Products

vehicles Trackers

User can view realtime location of your vehicles, via Google & My India map nationwide.

Personnel Trackers

If you are lost somewhere, you can easily use the navigation system to reach safely back home.

Mobile Trackers

You can download Wia Tag and Wialon Mobile app in Play Store and track your devices.



Users can track more than one vehicle at a time on a single login. You can also create many users as you want and grant different privileges as per your requirement.


Our tracking software provide unlimited fence alert by email or sms. User can manually create n numbers of geo-fence and alert will be active if the vehicle is leaving/entering a specified area across the map.

Cloud Based Model

Our software is based on cloud computing model and is hosted on a cloud server so it can be accessed anytime anywhere over the internet. There is no software you need to install.

Vehicle Immobilization

We provide immobilization of the vehicle via sms. User also receives sms alerts if the vehicle’s battery goes down or someone disconnects the tracker or battery from the vehicle.

Reverse Geo-coding

We provide geo-locations of more than 50,000 places across India with our reports.

Track Mileage

User can track actual mileage through GPS@+-2% making timely maintenance check-up with periodic mileage transmission.

Auto Refreshing

Map get automatically refreshed and vehicles get updated on real-time basis .

Customised Icons

Different icons on map for displaying vehicle movement, stop, over speeding.

Journey Player

The user can get the replay of the vehicle tracking service on map like a movie.

Point Of Interest

User can allocate n numbers of POI on map.

Notification alert

User will get notification via sms/email for journey start/stop, overspeed, and ideal time.

Periodic e-mail of different reports

All reports can be automatically sent to e-mail address periodically in different formats like-excel, pdf, csv etc.

Emergency Button

To invoke an immediate high-priority transmission to the centre.

Vehicle Information

User can add vehicle number, name, model etc on map.

Driver Information

User can set driver name,age,image and mapped it to the corresponding vehicle .


User can measure the distance in Km between the vehicle and the destination location.